Dr. George Sanders http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com Dr. George Sanders Breast Augmentation Animation http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/720835/2013/06/28/breast-augmentation-animation.html <p> Breast augmentation enlarges the breasts with the use of silicone or saline implants. The procedure is completed while you are under a general anesthetic, meaning you will sleep comfortably through the surgery.</p> <p> This video shows how a breast augmentation is performed. You will see the various locations where incisions may be placed, as well as two different options for breast implant placement. The incisions will be sutured when your surgeon is through; you may receive dissolvable stitches or your sutures may need to be removed by your surgeon a week later.</p> <p> If you have questions about breast augmentation or other cosmetic procedures, contact Dr. George Sanders at (818) 528-6125. Dr. Sanders will be happy to answer your questions and explain your options for <a href="http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/showcase/cosmetic-procedures/1666" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Cosmetic Procedures from Dr. George Sanders - drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com">breast augmentation, liposuction, a tummy tuck, and more</a>. You can view more helpful videos about cosmetic procedures in Encino on our website.</p> <p class="videos"> <a href='http://www.youtube.com/v/DvpkZrJL8dE?hl=en&fs=1'>http://www.youtube.com/v/DvpkZrJL8dE?hl=en&fs=1</a> </p> <p class="tags">More from Dr. George Sanders : <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Dr.%20George%20Sanders'>Dr. George Sanders</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/How%20a%20Breast%20Augmentation%20is%20Performed'>How a Breast Augmentation is Performed</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/breast%20augmentation'>breast augmentation</a></p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/720835/2013/06/28/breast-augmentation-animation.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Fri, 28 Jun 2013 18:10:00 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/720835/2013/06/28/breast-augmentation-animation.html 2013-06-28T18:10:00Z Plastic Surgery: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? | From the Desk of Dr. Sanders http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/716857/2013/06/21/plastic-surgery-thumbs-up-or-thumbs-down--from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders.html <p> The decision to invest in plastic surgery is not always an easy one for people to make. A recent article in the May, 2013 edition of Aesthetic Surgery Journal (33(4) p.585-590) takes a closer look at the decision making process of plastic surgery patients by asking two important questions:</p> <p> <strong>What keeps people from doing plastic surgery?</strong></p> <p> <strong>How do they choose their plastic surgeon?</strong></p> <p> What do you think the answers were? In&nbsp;a recent blog post, I delve into the author's findings and share my take on the results. Take a moment to read <a href="http://www.drsanders.com/blog/?p=530" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Dr. George Sanders Blog - drsanders.com"><em>&quot;Plastic Surgery- Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?&quot; </em></a>&nbsp;and if you are considering a cosmetic procedure, give us a call at 818-528-6125 to schedule a consultation.</p> <p class="photos"> <img src='http://images.reachsite.com/ad382ff7-1eca-4936-8f99-e981f1753b13/media/717396/medium/717396.PNG?gen=1' /><br /> </p> <p class="tags">More from Dr. George Sanders : <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/plastic%20surgeon'>plastic surgeon</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Cosmetic%20Procedure'>Cosmetic Procedure</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/plastic%20surgery'>plastic surgery</a></p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/716857/2013/06/21/plastic-surgery-thumbs-up-or-thumbs-down--from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Fri, 21 Jun 2013 18:34:00 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/716857/2013/06/21/plastic-surgery-thumbs-up-or-thumbs-down--from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders.html 2013-06-21T18:34:00Z Important Factors to Consider Before Undergoing Breast Augmentation http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/716813/2013/06/20/important-factors-to-consider-before-undergoing-breast-augmentation.html <p> Breast Augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic procedure in America. Could you be a good candidate for this procedure, and how can you find out? Meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss your <a href="http://www.drsanders.com/breast-augmentation.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Breast Augmentation in Encino - drsanders.com">breast augmentation</a> goals will help you evaluate all of the factors involved with this cosmetic procedure.</p> <p class="photos"> <img src='http://images.reachsite.com/ad382ff7-1eca-4936-8f99-e981f1753b13/media/716852/medium/716852.PNG?gen=1' /><br /> </p><p> <strong>Your Goals</strong></p> <p> Your goals are an important factor to consider before deciding to undergo any cosmetic procedure. Take some time to evaluate your breasts and what you may or may not like about them. Do you simply want them to be larger, or do you want to address other issues such as sagging or loose skin as well? Would you like to wear tops cut differently than those you are able to wear now? Are you embarrassed by the size of your breasts? Listing your goals, likes, and dislikes before your consultation will help drive the conversation between you and your plastic surgeon. He will help you evaluate those goals and determine whether a breast augmentation is best to meet them.</p> <p> <strong>Your Health</strong></p> <p> Your current and future health are other important factors to consider before your breast augmentation procedure. Do you plan to lose weight or have children in the future? Both of these can affect the outcomes of your breast procedure, and should be discussed with your cosmetic surgeon. Breast augmentation is best for women of a stable weight who aren&rsquo;t planning multiple future pregnancies. Additionally, if you have experienced breast cancer in the past or are at high risk for developing breast cancer, this should also be discussed with your plastic surgeon. He can suggest the best placement for your implants to reduce interference with <a href="http://www.today.com/id/13410082/ns/today-today_health/t/breast-implants-do-they-affect-mammograms/#.UbZkkfZARfw" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Breast Implants: Do They Affect Mammograms? - today.com">breast cancer screening procedures</a>.</p> <p> Dr. George Sanders offers free cosmetic surgery consultations in Encino, CA, to help you make the right decision regarding your breast or body procedure. Please call (818) 528-6125 or click on our convenient web contact form to <a href="http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/contact" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Contact Dr. George Sanders - drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com">schedule your appointment</a>. Take a look at our blog to find out more about the factors to consider when deciding upon the right cosmetic procedure for your needs.</p> <p class="tags">More from Dr. George Sanders : <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Dr.%20George%20Sanders'>Dr. George Sanders</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Cosmetic%20Surgery'>Cosmetic Surgery</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/breast%20augmentation'>breast augmentation</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Cosmetic%20Procedure'>Cosmetic Procedure</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Free%20Cosmetic%20Surgery%20Consultations%20in%20Encino'>Free Cosmetic Surgery Consultations in Encino</a></p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/716813/2013/06/20/important-factors-to-consider-before-undergoing-breast-augmentation.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Thu, 20 Jun 2013 19:34:00 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/716813/2013/06/20/important-factors-to-consider-before-undergoing-breast-augmentation.html 2013-06-20T19:34:00Z How Long Do Cosmetic Injectables Last? http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/714038/2013/06/14/how-long-do-cosmetic-injectables-last.html <p> Plastic surgeons recommend cosmetic injectables, including Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse, for patients who wish to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, combat frown lines, and achieve fuller facial features. Cosmetic injectables can also enhance the contours of lips, prevent wrinkles and folds, and fill in scars. While results may vary depending on the patient&rsquo;s skin type and desired results, the effects of cosmetic injectables can last for up to six months. All cosmetic injectables should be regularly followed up to achieve lasting results. The time between injections depends on how each individual&rsquo;s skin reacts to the treatment.</p> <p class="photos"> <img src='http://images.reachsite.com/ad382ff7-1eca-4936-8f99-e981f1753b13/media/714040/medium/714040.PNG?gen=1' /><br /> </p><p> More and more men and women are opting for cosmetic injectables to plump the lips, enhance shallow contours, and fill fine lines and wrinkles. Find out how a cosmetic surgeon can give your face a fresh, youthful glow by <a href="http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/contact" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Contact Dr. George Sanders - drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com">calling the Encino office</a> of Dr. George Sanders at (818) 528-6125. Our full-service plastic surgery office also offers liposuction, tummy tucks, breast implants, and more.</p> <p class="tags">More from Dr. George Sanders : <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Dr.%20George%20Sanders'>Dr. George Sanders</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/cosmetic%20surgeon'>cosmetic surgeon</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Cosmetic%20Injectables'>Cosmetic Injectables</a></p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/714038/2013/06/14/how-long-do-cosmetic-injectables-last.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Fri, 14 Jun 2013 20:49:59 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/714038/2013/06/14/how-long-do-cosmetic-injectables-last.html 2013-06-14T20:49:59Z "Is Your Sunscreen Burning You?"| From the Desk of Dr. Sanders http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/712202/2013/06/11/is-your-sunscreen-burning-you-from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders.html <p> With the first official day of summer right around the corner, it&rsquo;s time for some fun in the sun. You may immediately turn to your favorite sunscreen to help protect your skin, but could there possibly be some issues with the sunscreen you&rsquo;ve chosen? In my most recent blog post, I highlight and discuss many of the concerns brought up by a recent Consumer Reports article (July of 2013, pp.10-11) regarding the effectiveness and safety of some sunscreens. <a href="http://www.drsanders.com/blog/?p=525" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Dr. George Sanders Blog - drsanders.com">Take a moment to read <em>&ldquo;Is Your Sunscreen Burning You&rdquo;</em></a> &nbsp;and help ensure that your skin is protected as much as possible throughout the summer months. If you have questions about sunscreen use, feel free to leave a comment or call 818-528-6125 to schedule an appointment.</p> <p class="photos"> <img src='http://images.reachsite.com/ad382ff7-1eca-4936-8f99-e981f1753b13/media/712203/medium/712203.PNG?gen=1' /><br /> </p> <p class="tags">More from Dr. George Sanders : <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Sunscreen'>Sunscreen</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Protect%20Your%20Skin'>Protect Your Skin</a></p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/712202/2013/06/11/is-your-sunscreen-burning-you-from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Tue, 11 Jun 2013 22:44:28 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/712202/2013/06/11/is-your-sunscreen-burning-you-from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders.html 2013-06-11T22:44:28Z Different Uses for Various Dermal Fillers http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/710881/2013/06/09/different-uses-for-various-dermal-fillers.html <p> Are you considering asking your plastic surgeon about dermal fillers? Not all dermal fillers are the same. As you will learn in this video, Radiesse, Restylane, and Juvederm have different active ingredients and achieve different results.</p> <p> Radiesse is a thick, calcium-based filler that goes into the deep plane underneath your skin. Juvederm and Restylane are made out of hyloronic acid, a natural substance that is in your joints. These fillers are injected into the superficial layer of your skin, where they can correct fine lines and enhance the lips.</p> <p class="videos"> <a href='http://www.youtube.com/v/7r9-532VtvQ?hl=en&fs=1'>http://www.youtube.com/v/7r9-532VtvQ?hl=en&fs=1</a> </p><p> To learn more about different cosmetic procedures, schedule an appointment with Dr. George Sanders today. Our convenient Encino cosmetic surgery office offers all the latest plastic surgery techniques&mdash;from <a href="http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/695988/2013/05/10/do-i-need-a-touch-up-facelift--from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders-.html" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" title="Do I Need a Touch Up Facelift? - drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com">touch-up facelifts</a> to breast implants and tummy tucks. Call us at (818) 528-6125 if you have any questions.</p> <p class="tags">More from Dr. George Sanders : <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Dr.%20George%20Sanders'>Dr. George Sanders</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/Encino%20Cosmetic%20Surgery'>Encino Cosmetic Surgery</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/dermal%20fillers'>dermal fillers</a></p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/710881/2013/06/09/different-uses-for-various-dermal-fillers.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Mon, 10 Jun 2013 01:06:57 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/710881/2013/06/09/different-uses-for-various-dermal-fillers.html 2013-06-10T01:06:57Z A Look at The Differences Between Botox and Dermal Fillers http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/701918/2013/05/29/a-look-at-the-differences-between-botox-and-dermal-fillers-.html <p class="photos"> <img src='http://images.reachsite.com/ad382ff7-1eca-4936-8f99-e981f1753b13/media/701924/medium/701924.PNG?gen=1' /><br /> </p><p> Do you want to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles or add volume to your facial features, but are unsure which cosmetic procedure to choose? <a href="http://www.drsanders.com/facial-injectables.html" rel="nofollow" title="Botox and Dermal Fillers - www.drsanders.com">Botox and dermal fillers</a> are both minimally invasive facial injectables, but produce different results. Keep reading to learn some of the differences between Botox and dermal fillers:</p> <ul> <li> <strong>Botox</strong></li> </ul> <p> Botox is a standard cosmetic treatment in which a plastic surgeon injects botulinum toxin type A underneath the skin to smooth fine lines and relax wrinkles. Botox works to paralyze the facial muscles and effectively stop contractions that cause wrinkles. Botox can be administered between the brows to improve moderate to severe frown lines and is also recommended as a preventative measure to prevent wrinkles from occurring. This innovative procedure offers immediate results without surgery or significant recovery time, and millions of American men and women have been very happy with their Botox injections.</p> <ul> <li> <strong>Dermal Fillers</strong></li> </ul> <p> Plastic surgeons generally recommend dermal fillers for patients who would like to <a href="http://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/dermal-fillers.html#content" rel="nofollow">restore fullness to the face</a>, plump the lips, or soften fine creases and wrinkles. Dermal fillers are often referred to as &ldquo;liquid facelifts&rdquo; because they provide many of the benefits of a more invasive surgical facelift without the additional healing time or extra cost. Like Botox, dermal fillers should be regularly administered by a cosmetic surgeon for the best results.</p> <ul> <li> <strong>Combined Procedure</strong></li> </ul> <p> In order to achieve desired results, your plastic surgeon may also recommend a combination of Botox and dermal fillers or another minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. For example, many patients also opt for chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing.</p> <p> Even minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures should always be handled by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, Encino, Beverly Hills, or Calabasas, look no further than the office of <a href="http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/about" rel="nofollow" title="Dr. George Sanders - www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com">Dr. George Sanders</a>. Call (818) 528-6125 to schedule a consultation for Botox, Juvederm, Restalyne, or Radiesse today.</p> <p class="tags">More from Dr. George Sanders : <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/difference%20between%20botox%20and%20dermal%20fillers'>difference between botox and dermal fillers</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/botox'>botox</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/dermal%20fillers'>dermal fillers</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/difference%20between%20botox%20and%20dermal%20filelrs'>difference between botox and dermal filelrs</a></p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/701918/2013/05/29/a-look-at-the-differences-between-botox-and-dermal-fillers-.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Wed, 29 May 2013 20:43:00 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/701918/2013/05/29/a-look-at-the-differences-between-botox-and-dermal-fillers-.html 2013-05-29T20:43:00Z Common Reasons Why Women Undergo Breast Reduction Surgery http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/701896/2013/05/22/common-reasons-why-women-undergo-breast-reduction-surgery-.html <p class="photos"> <img src='http://images.reachsite.com/ad382ff7-1eca-4936-8f99-e981f1753b13/media/701907/medium/701907.PNG?gen=1' /><br /> </p><p> Large breasts can cause physical and psychological health problems for women. If your enlarged breasts are causing you back pain or adversely affecting your self-esteem, you might have a cosmetic surgeon reduce and reshape your breasts so you feel confident, happy, and healthy. Check out these reasons why women commonly undergo <a href="http://www.drsanders.com/breast-reduction.html" rel="nofollow" title="Breast Reduction Surgery - www.drsanders.com">breast reduction surgery</a>:</p> <ul> <li> <strong>Physical Health</strong></li> </ul> <p> Large breasts exert extra pressure on the neck, back, and shoulders, and sometime cause headaches. Heavy breasts may also cause <a href="http://www.livestrong.com/article/198576-health-problems-associated-with-large-breasts/" rel="nofollow">poor posture that can lead to chronic nerve damage</a>, resulting in tingling and numbness in the extremities. If your breasts are of a disproportionate size and weight, you may struggle to sleep at night due to discomfort. Women may also suffer from rashes or irritation under the breasts.</p> <ul> <li> <strong>Emotional Health</strong></li> </ul> <p> For women, large breasts can have serious consequences for their psychological wellbeing and body image. Women with excessive breast tissue often feel self-conscious and opt for large, loose-fitting clothing. They may struggle to find bras and tops that fit properly and often suffer from the social stigma associated with large breasts. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to teasing, though adults may also struggle to fit in when their bodies deviate from societal norms.</p> <ul> <li> <strong>Restricted Activity</strong></li> </ul> <p> Women who have large, pendulous breasts can be limited in their ability to lead fully active lives. Large breasts make it difficult or even painful to run, play golf or tennis, or practice yoga. While sports bras can help some large-breasted women exercise, other women have a much harder time. The resulting lack of activity can have serious health effects.</p> <div> <p> Whether you are interested in breast reduction, breast implants, liposuction, or a tummy tuck, the cosmetic surgery team at the Encino office of Dr. George Sanders is here to help you achieve the body you&rsquo;ve always dreamed of. Visit us online or call our state-of-the-art treatment center at (818) 528-6125 to learn more about <a href="http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/showcase/cosmetic-procedures/1666" rel="nofollow" title="Dr. Sanders - www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com">our plastic surgery procedures</a>.&nbsp;</p> </div> <p class="tags">More from Dr. George Sanders : <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/breast%20reduction%20surgery'>breast reduction surgery</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/reasons%20for%20breast%20reduction%20surgery'>reasons for breast reduction surgery</a>, <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/search/tag/problems%20from%20breast%20reduction%20surgery'>problems from breast reduction surgery</a></p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/701896/2013/05/22/common-reasons-why-women-undergo-breast-reduction-surgery-.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Wed, 22 May 2013 19:43:42 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/701896/2013/05/22/common-reasons-why-women-undergo-breast-reduction-surgery-.html 2013-05-22T19:43:42Z "To Drain or Not To Drain, That is The Question!" - From the Desk of Dr. Sanders http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/700686/2013/05/21/to-drain-or-not-to-drain-that-is-the-question%21---from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders-.html <p class="photos"> <img src='http://images.reachsite.com/ad382ff7-1eca-4936-8f99-e981f1753b13/media/700690/medium/700690.PNG?gen=1' /><br /> </p><p> One of the most common concerns surrounding tummy tucks is the possible need for a drain post-surgery as part of the patient&rsquo;s post-op care. Drains are used primarily either for draining out blood and/or serous fluid in an effort to prevent a seroma (serous fluid forming and collecting). The two main ways in which seromas are prevented is through the use of drains and also through surturing the skin down to the muscle at the time of the surgery.&nbsp; Of 597 consecutive tummy tuck cases reviewed by the <strong>Aesthetic Surgery Journal,</strong> only one patient developed a seroma by use of suturing the skin, <em>as opposed</em> to using a drain. To learn more about PTS (Progressive Tension Sutures) and the two options available to patients who decide to have a tummy tuck, read the latest blog on my website titled <a href="http://www.drsanders.com/blog/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">&ldquo;Tummy Tucks &ndash; To Drain or Not To Drain, That is The Question!&rdquo;</a> Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call my office directly at <strong>818.528.6125</strong>. Also, be sure to leave your comments and let us know your opinion on this matter!</p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/700686/2013/05/21/to-drain-or-not-to-drain-that-is-the-question%21---from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders-.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Tue, 21 May 2013 22:56:00 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/700686/2013/05/21/to-drain-or-not-to-drain-that-is-the-question%21---from-the-desk-of-dr-sanders-.html 2013-05-21T22:56:00Z Dr. Sanders Provides Expert Insight Into Angelina Jolie's Breast Reconstruction Surgery http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/700698/2013/05/21/dr-sanders-provides-expert-insight-into-angelina-jolies-breast-reconstruction-surgery-.html <p class="photos"> <img src='http://images.reachsite.com/ad382ff7-1eca-4936-8f99-e981f1753b13/media/700707/medium/700707.PNG?gen=1' /><br /> </p><p> Surely you have heard the recent news of Hollywood's beloved and beautiful Angelina Jolie deciding to undergo a double mastectomy. After having lost her mother to breast cancer and learning that she carried a gene that ultimately positioned her at high-risk for developing breast cancer, Jolie had both of her breast removed and then underwent a breast reconstruction surgery with implants. Dr. Sanders shared some of his insight on this procedure and was featured on NewBeauty.com in the article titled: <em>&quot;<a href="http://www.newbeauty.com/hottopic/blogpost/7430-inside-angelina-jolies-breast-reconstruction-surgery/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><strong>Inside Angelina Jolie's Breast Reconstruction Surgery&quot;</strong></a></em></p> <p> In the article, Dr. Sanders is quoted with providing the following insider information: <em>&quot;Mastectomy patients may choose saline or silicone filled implants with smooth or textured surfaces in round or tear drop (anatomical) shapes. The choice is governed by their desires and their anatomy.&quot;</em></p> <p> To learn more about Jolie's surgeries and the cosmetic surgery options available to patients with similar situations, read the <a href="http://www.newbeauty.com/hottopic/blogpost/7430-inside-angelina-jolies-breast-reconstruction-surgery/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">NewBeauty article</a> in full and contact Dr. Sanders office with any questions you may have concerning breast surgeries.&nbsp;</p> <p> <em>*Image Attribution: NewBeauty.com</em></p> <a href='http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/700698/2013/05/21/dr-sanders-provides-expert-insight-into-angelina-jolies-breast-reconstruction-surgery-.html?commentFocus=true#comments'>Leave a comment &raquo;</a> <br /> Tue, 21 May 2013 15:56:16 GMT http://www.drsanderscosmeticsurgery.com/700698/2013/05/21/dr-sanders-provides-expert-insight-into-angelina-jolies-breast-reconstruction-surgery-.html 2013-05-21T15:56:16Z